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Through this ground-breaking program. It benefits all who are involved

Cody Conley is living proof of the power of music and youth that positively affects generations. He has been playing in our church services for a number of years and brings tears to my eyes with the emotion and professionalism he produces. I’m so proud that he is able to share his talent with so many others through this ground-breaking program. It benefits all who are involved.

Jan Pressman
11th January 2019

They have pleaded with me to have them return.

Our residents enjoyed the music and interaction with the students when they visited our community! They have pleaded with me to have them return. So PLEASE DO!

Joan Santora
3rd January 2019

Thank you for all that you do!!

This past Friday, Tejal who just so happens to be one of my music therapy volunteers, Brady and Cody performed in conjunction with AseraCare Hospice at Sunrise of McCandless for their residents. They are all extremely talented young individuals and also very mature for their age. Both the staff and residents very much enjoyed their music. It was a lovely afternoon and I was very grateful that they could perform. Thank you for all that you do!!

Tierney Guarascio
24th December 2018

Music does work miracles!

Having worked in the Long Term Care Industry for over 25 years, I think I have seen it all but music, children and puppies are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face no matter what their age. I have seen debilitated elderly and residents with dementia react to music. They will mouth the words, move to the beat or keep awake for the entire performance. Music does work miracles!
The We Play Music 4 You group has been to Holy Family Manor and the results were memorable. Residents were smiling, moving to the music and just plain in awe of the talent that these young children possess. Many voiced memories of their musical talents and experiences of the past. In turn, the children responded to the residents many questions and platitudes with dignity and respect.
Having children share their musical talents with the elderly benefits both sides of the spectrum. I would recommend anyone who works with the elderly to experience We Play Music 4 You. Not only will your clients/residents benefit from this experience, everyone will!

Marleen Dean
12th December 2018

Brought us pure pleasure, as our spirits did soar

The music brought us joy,
to all of our hearts,
It’s one of those,
emotional arts.

Sounds of melodies,
we truly adored,
Brought us pure pleasure,
as our spirits did soar.

Music touched us,
we can’t help but smile,
We’re free to choose,
genre or style.

Your music clearly,
enlightened our days,
Made us happy,
in so many ways.

Mary Kugel
7th December 2018

I witnessed a change that day

Recently, our daughter Alexandria played at a Personal living. Before she started, one of the Personal Care Attendants asked us if we could talk to a specific resident. She explained that the female resident had been living at the facility with her daughter with down syndrome, lost her daughter 3 months ago and has been retreating from the social activities. Alexandria spoke with her for a while and asked if she would stay and listen to the music. The resident agreed and we saw a smile that didn’t go away. A bond was formed that day. My daughter talks to many senior citizens but kept going back and listening to this specific resident. We even took their picture together.
I witnessed a change that day. Not only in that resident, but in our daughter.
Our daughter has asked to go back soon and keep in touch with that resident.
We wanted her to be a part of something that can make a difference in the lives of others.
We were unaware of how quickly it would happen.
The difference you make in someone else’s life can be life changing for the both of you.

Mike and Tracy Gourley
29th November 2018

Smiles, tears, people holding hands

My husband and I have the pleasure of living across the street from Cody and his wonderful family. We have been listening to his talent grow for years, and being able to hear his beautiful music is a favorite part of summer evenings. I am a hospice bereavement coordinator and we host an annual memorial service for families that have lost loved ones over the previous year. It’s a nice way to remember those we miss, for families and staff to reconnect, and to bring people together as a community. Cody honored us this year with playing his violin at our event….there are no words to describe the feeling in the room as people listened to his music. Smiles, tears, people holding hands—it was truly an honor to witness and be a part of, and we could not be more thankful for his gift!

Jessica Kucic Olenik
28th November 2018

The abundance of gratitude, smiles, and positive responses

Over the years, my sons have visited nursing and assisted living homes to share music performances with residents. I have always considered these visits to be the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of their childhoods.
My sons and I are now honored to be part of the WePlayMusic4You family. The joy that our young musicians are bringing to their audiences is evident. The abundance of gratitude, smiles, and positive responses has been overwhelming. It is a privilege to part of this organization, and my children look very forward to encouraging all young musicians to play music for others.

Kristine Conley
24th November 2018
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